Japan travels: Day 3

No Diary from Day 2, as I spent the whole day lugging my baggage to the wrong hotel, then not making it to the aquarium before it closed and then missing the swing dancing. So instead, enjoy Day 3 of the diaries from my trip to Japan in April:

Mmmm, beer.

Well, i”m counting day 2 as a write-off. Nothing much happened besides me getting lost and being disappointed with the gambling. More on that later.

Day 3 was much better. I headed to the aquarium and was surprised at how different it was from the zoo. All the fish, otters & dolphins looked very happy in their enclosures and were playing around and acting up. Also, there was a giant Ferris wheel nearby. I seem to gravitate to those :)

After the aquarium I visited the Floating Garden Observatory, the giant twin towers visible when coming in to Osaka station. The glass lift up was awe-inspiring, and the way down would have been too if I didn’t have to rush it the first time to put my contacts in & dash back up. Doh!

The view was spectacular. I got a birds-eye perspective on all the wrong turns I took the day before, which was quite an eye-opener. But more than anything else, I was blown away by how quiet it was. I don’t know what I was expecting – a constant whooshing and small children being blown away by gusts of wind I suppose – but it wasn’t anything like I imagined. It was dead calm, and the only noise when I walked around was made by me, jingling my keys in my pocket accidentally (don’t ask).

Being that it was that I was visiting all the touristy sights, I saw more Caucasians on this day than in my other days plus Malaysia combined. I struck up a conversation in the Sky Garden lifts with a lovely couple (David and Ruth Higgins) that turned out to be from Mosman – barely 40 minutes from my home in Australia.

Touristy stuff was definitely the flavour of the day, with a spicy tinge of homesickness. Okay, maybe the chef used a lot of spice. just writing the phrase “my home” made me emotional. I’m not sure if chatting with my friends & brother tonight made me more or less homesick. But I figured the best solution was to get really shiitake-faced.

So I headed off to a local jazz bar to pen this drivel and drink the local beer. Which was delicious but bloody expensive at about $11 a schooner!! Still, drunkenness worked it’s charm, and I ended the night chatting with a lovely Swiss-residing Italian girl called Marina. And drinking far, far, far too much sake.

Part 4 next week!

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