10 words the iPhone made up

In my time owning an iPhone I’ve bitched and ranted, jailbroken, tethered, updated and created, replaced and misplaced it.  I’ve also typed a lot of messages on it, and sometimes the built in dictionary suggests some pretty strange corrections.

While I certainly can’t say I’m the most grammatically correct SMS writer, I certainly expect my dictionary to be.  But here are 10 suggestions the iPhone has made that I’m pretty sure aren’t actually words at all:


What I was trying to write

huerta David Guetta
Astarte Astaroth
Wyes Wyrd Sisters
UNO uni
arco arvo
Ader Acer
Thad Thas okay
kees I keed, I keed
Nuffield fair nuff
silip Soulja Boy*

* (not me, a friend was typing that one in.  Honest!)

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