Ubiquitous notepadding

I was recently introduced to the concept of ubiquitous capture, recently popularised in the David Allen book Getting Things Done.  I haven’t actually read the book yet, but a friend explained this part of it to me and I took an instant liking to it.

Basically, the idea is to “never have a thought twice”.  Anytime I think of something I should do, or that can be improved, or that I’d like to aim for etc. – I write it down.  The very first step of organising ones self, is to capture the data that needs to be organised.

The most important question for any interested aficionado of ubiquitous capture is how to do it.  From what I’ve read around the interblags it seems everyone find their own way to implement ubiquitous capture in their lives.  Some use post-its, others prefer note-taking apps on their phones or iPods.  The tools that work for some, work work for others, and vice versa.

For me, I find note-taking apps too slow to load, too difficult to type into, and somewhat limited when it comes to adding pictures or sketches.  The best option for me is this guy:IMG_1132

$22 from Dymocks, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  After years of trying to get synergy happening with PDA’s, phones, netbooks and laptops it turns out that the best solution for me is the simple back-pocket notebook.  I can write my notes, draw little pictures or diagrams, get phone numbers when I make new friends etc. so easily now!IMG_1133

Sure, it’s illegible to anyone but me.  But I’ll deal with that when I try to back it up :)

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