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Now, I wouldn’t normally do this in a blog post. I’ve recently moved from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, Canada in search of some gainful employment at a games studio, but having been here barely more than a week I’ve been enjoying the touristy side of being in a brand new city and haven’t done as much programming as I would normally do. So instead of an in-depth discussion about a new programming technique, or a musing on how things are vaguely related, I’d like to take a moment just to make mention of some of the people that have been most helpful to me in all the craziness of relocation.


My friends, family and my girl backed me up the entire way, and I want to thank all of them for being so supportive. It’s not every day that someone you’re very close to decides they want to move very far away, and yet not one of them tried to get me to seriously rethink it. Having that kind of support really means a lot.


But there was another group of people who supported me. Not because they needed to, or because they were close to me, or even because they were required to by law! They seemed to help me just because they were nice people, and trustworthy professionals. Which I don’t think is something I ever would have said about a Real Estate agency before!!


Bentons has been a real estate in Annandale, Sydney since 1907, when it was first opened by J.F. Benton. It’s a business with a true legacy, being handed from Benton to W.J. Johnston down to A.F. Brown through the years, and finally to Terry and Shane Torpy – who have taken the dedicated work and outstanding reputation of the Bentons name into the 21st century.


My history with real estate agents previous to Bentons had been sketchy, but surprisingly typical for an Aussie tenant. One agent had tried to illegally hold bond and locked us out of the house because the windows were streaky after cleaning. Another wouldn’t send a plumber to unclog my drain until I arranged a complaint hearing with the Tenancy tribunal. Many renters are unaware of their rights and Real Estate agents take advantage of that to squeeze a little extra money for themselves, or to avoid having to do work they’d rather avoid. And it reflects poorly on the estate agents, on the profession as a whole, and on anyone that chooses to use such an agent to handle their properties.


The exception I’ve come across is Bentons. Not only do they know and protect the rights of both tenants and landlords, they bring the profession back to what it truly is: finding the right place for someone to live. It’s rare to find a salesman, or a manager, that truly wants the best for their customers. Shane Torpy and the team at Bentons are that rare breed. Despite some crazy issues with my housemate (I ended up having to chase her removalist down in Brazil to get her keys back. Long story), they were very understanding and released my bond to me the day I got the keys back. I’ve never known any other real estate to be that professional.  Ever. For a guy dealing with a lot of moving out issues and worrying about overseas money on top of that, getting my bond back on time was a godsend that took a whole lot of pressure off me for the last week or so in Australia.


So thank you Bentons. Even though you didn’t have to, you helped me more than you know. So I’m writing this blog to help you back :)

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